Photo club

I have enjoyed taking photos for years because I use my own images as the basis for drawing and painting. Now I am looking forward to attending the September meeting of a photo club. I discovered this group because I had been invited by one of the members to their show held in a nearby community center. The group is small, but interested in becoming larger and  more organized. After viewing their show, I wrote my contact information on the sign-up-if-interested sheet on the front table at the exhibit. I don’t know how the group will evolve, but I do believe that networking among artists usually involves mutual inspiration and growth. I hope I learn some technical information, encourage others, and can participate in opportunities to show or sell my work.  I was asked to send four photos prior to the meeting, two each featuring use of repetition/line and shadows. Here are the four I sent:

stacked red canoes

red canoes

pink poppy

pink poppy

Swiss chard


corn stubble in snow

winter corn


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