Praise for Routine

Chessie cat needs a home

I recently have had many changes to the routines of my life forced upon me. I am working hard to figure out what will be my new normal.  Useful no-brainer tasks like folding laundry and hand washing dishes allow my mind to run free and meditate…on the inevitability of change…on the joy of kindnesses by friends…on the durability of family connections. Right now I need more mindless routine so that I can catch up with the processes of reordering my priorities and revising my to-do lists.

This past weekend, I treated myself to a refreshing field trip. I loved volunteering at the SAQA information booth at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, OH. I met several other art quilters and filled my brain with inspiration by looking at both art and traditional quilts. What a privilege to go to this event.


One response to “Praise for Routine

  1. It sounds like you enjoyed your weekend at the Quilt Festival in Cincinnati. I admire the handmade, beautiful
    Hawaiian quilts here in the upsacle stores and I just look at them. They are very expensive. I can dream about them.

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