Gulf Beach

This work was part of a challenge given in my art quilt group when I lived near the Gulf coast in Alabama. The challenge was to create strip-pieced fabrics, which we exchanged within the group. We then created a small work using the fabric we had received from another group member. I planned a non-objective abstract composition, but could not restrain myself from adding the figure when the colors reminded me of the beach. I just finished a modification on this 15″ x 17.25″ piece, titled “Gulf Beach”. I appliqued warm-colored squares to carried the striped sections out over the binding. Look at the before and after to see what a difference it made.

Beach Scene before

after beach scene

after beach scene


2 responses to “Gulf Beach

  1. where is the after beach scene?

  2. Nancy Lancaster

    I loved seeing all these projects – how lucky those folks in Ohio to have you. And sad we don’t. I think I see some of my fabric in the beach quilt!! Is there a separate before quilt?

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