Keeping the Blues at Bay

As I write this, I can hear a crackle of what the weatherman calls “icy mix” hitting my windows. My world was already glazed with inch-thick ice when I got up this morning. One look at my driveway convinced me to stay home instead of get in the car, but I was feeling gloomy and in need of some exercise. I resorted to my winter hiking companion — my camera. The combination of exercise and searching for beauty really helped raise my spirits. Here are a few icy scenes.

iced tree

iced tree

February rose hips

February rose hips

February icicles

February icicles

iced pine needle cluster

iced pine leaf cluster


2 responses to “Keeping the Blues at Bay

  1. I read all your posts through October 26th. Terry, you are a very talented artist and photographer. Do you have enought art to sell at Art on the Rocks or the Outback Fair this summer in Marquette? I imagine that most of your pieces are one of a kind. Your artistic abilities will take your far.

  2. Loved the photos of ice and snow, I sure don’t miss it though! I really must get back to my blog as well. Time escapes me!

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