Art Therapy

Creating art is my therapy, my stress release. This Saturday morning I played for almost two hours coloring atop a graphite rubbing that I had made from glue spilled on a tabletop in another artist’s studio. I can rarely refrain from adding some recognizable object in my work, but (thus far) I have kept it totally abstract. I used my water soluble crayons by Caran D’ache. When I blended the colors with water, I mixed in a bit of white acrylic paint where I did not like the grayed areas caused by the graphite. The rubbing had been done on inexpensive
8 1/2″ x 11″ white paper, so it did not handle wetting very well. I solved this by adhering the whole thing to a piece of watercolor paper with diluted Elmer’s glue. It is being pressed flat under a pile of textbooks on my kitchen counter right now. Here’s a photo of the original blop on the table and my artwork.

blop on table

blop on table


Heidi's table

"Heidi's Table"


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