“Me Time”

In energy level, I feel like I am poised between generations. My mother sees me as a bundle of energy, but compared to the young fellow in my project group in my current college class, I am working hard just to keep up. The pace of life can be stressfully rapid…but we have some choices. I stay as organized as I can, try to deal with issues, errands, and bills as they arise. But for my mental well-being, I skip what I can. I don’t read all the news, I turn off the T.V., I delete many emails unread, and I avoid any repetitious housework that does not create a major health threat to omit. I do this to reserve time for restorative moments of “me time”, to exercise, to ponder, and to pursue my art.
Here’s a photo I took last weekend of some “me time” I spent wandering around the Winterfest in our small town. Our family sponsored the ice sculpture that is in front of me. goat ice sculpture


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