Presentation for SAQA

I’m delighted to have been asked to do an hour-long presentation for a meeting of Ohio members of Studio Art Quilt Associates. The date is November 20, less than a month, so I’m devoting every available minute to preparation. I’ve tried to guess what will be interesting and useful to my listeners. I decided to chronicle the process of creating a pictorial art quilt from concept to completion and create a powerpoint slideshow. Many of the things I do may already be familiar to my audience members, but I hope some tool, technique, or thinking process that I use will be either validate what my listeners already do or stimulate new ideas for them. I’ll be finishing at least one, and possibly two, UFO(s) as my project example(s).

It is a challenge to take pictures of yourself working. I’ve tried shooting my camera left-handed so I could include my right hand at work — not easy! I did not stop working to find my tripod and use the timer. I’m taking many pictures because I know I’ll need to edit.


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