More about my 50

I’m still refining my goal of 50 works for the year. First question…Why am I setting the goal? (a) For the discipline and time management that daily attention to art production will make? (b) for improvement of skills? (c) to create more works that I can sell? (d) as fodder for my blog? (e) for marketing myself as an artist? (f) all of the above? Second question…”What artistic activities qualify as one of the 50 and how finished or significant must the work be? (a) new ideas taken from concept to completion? (b) completion or rework of projects that were abandoned for some reason? (c) sketches preparatory to more complex works? (d) small plein air pieces? (e) projects done for charity? (f) gifts for others? (g) items to barter with others?

I am asking myself these questions because the past two days my artistic activities have been a rework, a charity item, and a small plein air sketch.

What I learned…the camera is a wonderful tool to help evaluate a work. Much like standing back, allowing time to pass, or using a reducing glass, the camera gives me a fresh look at a piece to see corrections that should be made.

Here’s the dogface rework I did:dog face


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