Happy Birthday

I pondered my goal/gift to myself for my upcoming birthday. I think 50 finished works…that’s one every week and allows two weeks for holidays or unexpected happenings. This would work for my overloaded schedule and present energy level. I’ll model this goal on the painting-a-day idea that is so popular among artists on the internet. These are small works, shown on the artist’s blog or website. The originals are usually offered for sale for $100 each and some artists have prints made to sell as well. Every artist I’ve read about has reported wonderful artistic growth from such a project. The benefit is from the self-discipline and the practice. Many derive a boost in cash flow as they sell the works.
Always trying to fit art time into my life, I did a nice little pencil sketch of two pairs of sunglasses while I waited for Mom to get ready to go out with me yesterday. I titled it “Shades of Grey”. I like the composition enough that it may become the first painting. Here’s a photo of the sketch.pencil sketch "shades of grey"


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