Pencil and Paper

tractor detailI have heard some people complain about being bored. I can’t recall or don’t anticipate ever being so. There ARE some routine tasks that I must do that I don’t find appealing, like washing dishes or ironing clothes, so I entertain myself with ideas and envision projects that I am eager to do. I keep pencil and a pocket-sized pad of blank paper near at hand to write down ideas worthy of capture or sketch visual ideas. If I must be in a meeting or waiting for something or someone and using pencil and paper is not rude in the situation, I entertain myself by drawing or writing. My pencil (and eraser…which is also vital) sketches are of anything in sight. Sometimes the challenge is finding an interesting vignette in ordinary surroundings. Drawing practice keeps observation skills sharp. Writing often takes the form of sequenced steps in whatever creative project is on my mind. Every day I try to feed my creative self in some way, even if only for a few minutes. Oh…what to do with the sketches? Look at them later and toss mercilessly those 98% that were just “for practice” and file the good ideas by topic in folders.


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