Wildlife Parade

I enjoyed a wonderful wildlife parade looking out of the windows of my house this morning. I was admiring the two colorful pairs of cardinals and two robins hopping about eating bugs in the vegetable garden, when I spied a whitetail doe in the unmowed area outside my (deer-barrier) garden fence. She had brought her fawn out to romp. They frightened away the groundhog grazing on the lawn. The camera wasn’t handy but my binoculars were, so I was getting a close up look at the fawn when something outside the window startled me as it flew toward my face. A pugnacious hummingbird was challenging his reflection in the window! I checked out the other side of the house after doe and fawn had wandered back into the woods and found the bright yellow finches checking the taller grasses for seeds. I love this place — that’s not unmowed grass that I can’t find time and appropriate weather to mow down — it’s wildlife habitat.


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