Moth and Rust

I just finished rolling and sliding “Luna” into a snug little drawstring travel bag I had sewn for it, sliding the quilt-in-bag into the custom-sized box I had made for them and addressing the box for the journey they will begin tomorrow when the post office opens. I am delighted to be one of 24 artists chosen to have artwork in the Rust-Tex Collection which will be exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Chicago, April 16 – 18, 2010 and the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham, England, August 20 – 23, 2010.

I found the call for entries to this juried show last spring on Lois Jarvis’ website ( and immediately did some rust dyeing to have some fabric for an entry. I pinned the resulting pieces of fabric on my design wall and pondered them for weeks. I recalled a Bible verse about the temporary nature of earthly things with the words “moth and rust” so I looked up that reference. I played around with the theme of the Bible passage and researched moth images. I made about two dozen thumbnail sketches using the square and 2:1 formats I’ve been using the past few years. Destructive fabric-destroying moths are not very colorful, so I tried out ideas using the most beautiful moth I know, the Luna. I decided to make two of my design ideas at the same time, so I found photo references for the Sphinx moth which had beautiful greens, gray and pink. It would be perfect with a green/black/rust colored print fabric I already owned. After I had decided on the designs, it took me just over a month, using every minute I could make available, to complete the two quilts. My available minutes were limited by all the family obligations of the holiday season, but I completed and photographed the quilts in time for the early January entry deadline. And now I can show you “Luna” because Lois Jarvis, curator of the show, has already begun to publicise the collection. Sphinx is pictured as well, but it is staying home with me for now.


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