It is working

My fifteen-minutes-a-day-strategy is working. I feel in touch with my creative side and I’ve finished two small pieces that were begun over five years ago. I have faithfully recorded my time, discovering that I usually work 20 to 30 minutes when I set a fifteen minute requirement for myself. A spiral bound classroom style notebook is proving to be more practical than the computer desktop document for recording working time. I can make an entry even if the computer is off for the night, and the papers don’t get missplaced as they might with loose sheets. I’ve read that it takes 21 days of daily repetition to develop a habit. That makes me only two weeks away from being on autopilot remembering to record time spent on my art projects. 

There is a beautiful snowfall tonight, the wet stuff that sticks to every twig. Now that we are snug at home for the weekend, instead of driving in it, I can enjoy it. I hope to get some pictures tomorrow or Sunday of both the snow and my recently finished artworks..


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