Team of Rivals

I have not read the book by the title Team of Rivals…it is on my list to do so. But the phrase popped into my mind as I was thinking about the dynamics of artist groups with which I have been associated in the various communities in which I’ve lived. In some groups there is an undercurrent of competition as each artist is very aware of which members outsell the others or gather the greater share of publicity or acclaim by local art critics. Other groups have members who encourage and nurture one another without noticeable rivalry, share information freely, and sincerely celebrate one another’s successes.  As I participate in a newly-born art group, Mohican Arts Council, I am thinking hard about what organizational structures and activities make a group dynamic that is more nurturing than competitive.  I think we need to identify goals that all share  and activities from which all benefit. Even though this group has already had a couple of events and shows, we are just now polishing the constitution and by-laws and setting a regular meeting structure. This as a tremendous opportunity to do it well, so that the group becomes a community asset as it serves the needs of its members.


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