Time and Energy

I started my courses in Digital Media Technology this week. I now have to rethink my schedule. I have a limited amount of time and energy to allocate to activities in my life. By recording time on my current project, I have learned I can fit in more art time than I expected, even during the busy holiday season, because I chose to use every opportunity. That meant doing art before breakfast and instead of doing the dinner dishes, skipping a drive to the store, and working while my husband drove the car on our errands, and sometimes, sewing or painting instead of sleeping. I’ve modified one goal — not given it up, but delayed it — to concentrate on the immediate task of doing well in my classes. I’ll go as a spectator only to the Art at the Arnold event in Columbus, Ohio in March. I’ve chosen to scout out the event to consider participating next year instead of attempting participation this year and possibly missing a class session. I am continuing my prior commitment to develop my studio, planning to work on the project in the little chunks of time because that strategy has enabled me to finish my current project.


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